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Dutton Allows OS Convicted Criminal To Work in Australia

Submitted by Editor
Thu 27 Apr 2017

Border Protection Minister Dutton has allowed a convicted criminal that had been sentenced to prison in the UK to come to Australia and participate in TV shows for Channel 7 in Australia, contrary to the requirements of the Migration Act.


Federal Court of Australia Appoints Judges

Submitted by Editor
Mon 10 Apr 2017

The Federal Court of Australia has recently had two new male Judges, Roger Derrington QC from Queensland and Michael Lee SC from NSW, appointed to its ranks following a selection process controlled by the Australian Attorney General and the subsequent nominations accepted by Cabinet.

Federal Court Australia Logo

ACCC To Monitor Internet Speed

Submitted by Editor
Sun 09 Apr 2017

The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) is to receive funding from the Australian Government to enable performance monitoring of Australian broadband/internet services with an increasing number of subscribers moving to the NBN (National Broadband Network), and a increase in complaints about internet data speeds of nearly 50%.


High Court Rejects Days Election

Submitted by Editor
Wed 05 Apr 2017

The High Court of Australia in its capacity as Court of Disputed Returns has unanimously rejected the validity of Robert (Bob) John Day's election to the Australian Senate in 2016, as senator for South Australia.

Robert Day Senator

Minister Bishop Travel Complications

Submitted by Editor
Sat 25 Mar 2017

Foreign Minister of Australia Julie Bishop, who is often criticised for her glamour lifestyle and travel within her government portfolio, oversees a complicated and unfriendly process for Australian resident in trying to obtain travel advice.

Julie Bishop Australia MP

What Are The Liberals Not Telling People

Submitted by Editor
Wed 01 Jun 2016

The Liberal party have published online a very confusing website, and as a result potentially collecting huge amounts of data from people without full disclosure to visitors. Liberals are using the promise of a job as the basis for the massive data collection.

A PaTH to Jobs

Government Creates Uncertainty With Appointments

Submitted by Editor
Sat 20 Feb 2016

The Australian Federal Government has created legal uncertainty with appointment of Special Envoys.

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Trident Task Force Funding Continued

Submitted by Editor
Fri 19 Feb 2016

The Australian Federal Government has announced and extension of funding for Trident Waterfront Taskforce located primarily in Melbourne and Victoria’s maritime industry.

Michael Keenan Minister Australia

Sri Lankan Refugee Loses Appeal

Submitted by Editor
Thu 18 Feb 2016

Young Sri Lankan fisherman that arrived in Australian Territories in 2012 has lost an appeal in Australia's Federal Court challenging the Governments Minister for Immigration and Border Protection for a grant of a protection visa.

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Joyce Elected Leader of National

Submitted by Editor
Sun 14 Feb 2016

Barnaby Joyce has been elected leader of the National Party in Australia following the resignation and retirement of Warren Truss.

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